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TMC goes the extra mile

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your employees for your excellent response to our needs as a customer. There have been several times when we have had an urgent need and your employees have 'gone the extra mile' to get the job done for us. This past Friday, October 13, was an excellent example of your company responding to our needs. I was in contact with Donnie Hadley for three days about the urgency of one part that was needed for assembly of an engine for NASA. At first I thought we could have this ready by late Thursday afternoon and we would need it back for engine assembly on Friday. As time passed, it became clear that this part would not be ready for cleaning until sometime Friday. I stayed in contact with Donnie as we experienced a few concerns about the part and we had several delays. The part was not ready until 6:30 pm on Friday. Donnie waited for me to deliver the part and finished cleaning it about 8:00 pm. All paperwork was in good order and we were able to assemble this critical part on the engine on Saturday. This would not have been possible without Donnie's commitment and willingness to assist us in a very critical endeavor."

—Tim D., local aerospace customer