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TMC’s willingness to assist and also work in a safe manner was greatly appreciated

TMC recently cleaned three large forged vessels that will be used for helium storage at our facility. These vessels have not been in service in years, and had a lot of build up and contaminants on the inside. Throughout the entire cleaning process, Jason Bailey communicated with our team on how the cleaning process was going. Jason sent us numerous photos to show the amount of contaminants that they were removing from these vessels. These photos helped us relay to the NASA customer just how dirty these tanks were. Once TMC completed the cleaning process and delivered the vessels back to our facility, the two employees who delivered the vessels assisted us in off loading and setting these vessels. Each vessel weighed approximately 4,000 lbs., so this was a critical heavy lift operation we were having to perform in off loading and setting them in place. Both employees helped rig the vessels and helped spot the heavy lift. They were a huge help to our team, and their willingness to assist and also work in a safe manner was greatly appreciated.