Oxygen Cleaning

High Quality Oxygen Service at a Reasonable Price

Systems that process, transport, or store liquid oxygen (LOX) and gaseous oxygen (GOX) require special attention. Many industries, like the healthcare industry, aerospace, and defense, use GOX and LOX and require their parts to be cleaned and verified to a very high standard. TMC meets this standard through excellence in cleaning techniques that have been continuously developed since we opened in 1965.

Oxygen cleaning must take place before the introduction of liquid oxygen (LOX) or gaseous oxygen (GOX) to any equipment intended for Oxygen use. TMC performs oxygen cleaning on a wide variety of equipment that may be used to process, transport, or store LOX or GOX. The contaminants that may be present in equipment before the oxygen service begins can pose hazard risks to materials and personnel. For this reason, it is necessary to omit any residues, debris, or particulate present in systems that will be processing oxygen.

Our Oxygen cleaning process is fully customizable to meet the needs of our customers, but generally includes the following:

  1. Precleaning
  2. Flushing
  3. Particulate Verification
  4. NVR Verification
  5. Other Cleaning Verification Techniques (as requested)
  6. Packaging

Oxygen cleaning can be performed on many types of material, including stainless and carbon steel, Inconel, titanium, copper, nickel alloy.  This type of cleaning can be performed at TMCs Huntsville campus, or on-site at our customer’s facilities. The cleaning removes particulate, organic compounds (volatile and non-volatile), and inorganic compound

Some metal alloys, such as stainless steel, may also require passivation before cleaning to protect against any corrosive damage, such as rust.

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