TMC Adds Additional Class 7 Cleanroom

Huntsville, Ala, October 2023—Technical Micronics Control, Inc. (TMC), a premier provider of precision chemical cleaning and panel fabrication services, has added an additional Class 7 Cleanroom that minimizes airborne contagions and particles with 99.99% efficiency at a 0.5 micron size.

Detailed Cleanroom Features include:

  • Point of use panels for all gases, liquids & vacuum
  • Deionized (DI) Water availability
  • High pressure GN2 up to 3,000 psi
  • Low pressure GN2 up to 300 psi
  • Dry, filtered compressed air meeting specifications
  • Central vacuum for clean room maintenance
  • Flash Evaporators
  • Desiccator
  • Hydrometers
  • Black light inspection area
  • Aprilaire environmental control & monitoring
  • 24/7 Temperature & humidity datalogging
  • Freestanding HEPA Laminar Flow Benches
  • Oxygen deprivation monitoring
  • Various vacuum & bakeout ovens

TMC’s cleanroom capabilities enable TMC technicians to:

  • Perform precision cleaning activities such as flowing, rinsing, brushing, etc
  • Sample hardware by effluent solvent or gas blow down
  • Process samples for cleanliness verification
  • Dry and verify the dryness of hardware
  • Package cleaned parts with optional GN2 purge, vacuum bagging, etc
  • Label / identify cleaned and packaged parts
  • Open previously cleaned parts for inspection / modification without voiding the prior cleanliness
  • Perform clean assembly or facilitate the assembly of customer goods by their own technicians

Additionally, TMC offers cleanroom rentals to customers for their own use.

“My team and I are ecstatic to have this new addition to our facility, not only because it opens new horizons to the capacity of work to be done but also the added quality , cleanliness, and atmosphere my fellow workers and I will now have to serve our customers,” stated Devin Thrasher, Precision Cleaning Manager.

TMC President Paul DeSmet adds, “TMC is poised for exponential growth and the addition of this cleanroom space will not only allow for more business, but also enable broader services to our customers.”

About TMC

Since 1965, TMC has served and supported government and commercial industries in need of precision chemical cleaning, testing services, industrial valve repairs, and control panel requirements. TMC is a Veteran-owned small business and are experts in testing a variety of different materials to include stainless and carbon steel composites and other exotic alloys and materials. The company’s years of precision chemical cleaning and testing validates thousands of vessels, pipelines, valves, filters, pumps, and more!


TMC Exceeds Expectations of Quality

"TMC has provided Outpost Technologies with premium precision cleaning services on multiple occasions. They are always on time or early and exceed our expectations of quality. We couldn’t be happier with the service that TMC provides and will always turn to them to get the job done."

—Wesley D.,  Outpost Technologies